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Large MaskIT For Pads

Large MaskIT For Pads

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Large MaskIT For Pads - Large MaskIT pouches are specially designed for the disposal of pads, wrappers and applicators. MaskIT's unique puppet-pocket design makes it easy to grab sticky, saturated items safely and dispose of sanitarily. 

Sanitary & Discreet Disposal for Menstrual Hygiene Items


1 Box of Large MaskIT pouches for Pads, Wrappers and Applicators
18 Large MaskIT pouches in Total.

MaskIT Features

MaskIT is made with plant based biofilm, derived from the starches of plants and vegetable oils. (e.g. potatoes!)

Blocks Odor

Won’t Leak


Manufactured in the USA

*Plant-based materials are renewable and may be grown repeatedly.


MaskIT should be placed on your hand prior to the removal of your menstrual items.

**All of our packaging is made from the most eco-friendly paper available, is printed with soy-based ink, water-based aqueous coatings & is 100% recyclable**