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Disposal Bags for Bladder Pads and Liners

The privacy you want with the confidence you deserve.

Adult Incontinence - Urinary incontinence - Disposal Bags

Innovative Disposal Bags for Bladder Pads & Liners

MaskIT Disposal Bags for Bladder Pads & Liners are proudly made with the highest-quality plant-based film in the USA. Our disposal bags offer a myriad of features you’ll love. Designed to offer glove-like protection, MaskIT Disposal bags for Bladder Pads and Liners invert and permanently seal, preventing any leaks and blocking all odor. Our disposal bags are compact, opaque, and discreet in the waste bin. Whether you’re at home or out and about, MaskIT pouches provide the confidence you deserve throughout the day. Clean, easy to use, and sustainable, MaskIT Disposal Bags for Bladder Pads & Liners are the perfect complement to any size bladder pad or liner.

Features You'll Love

Blocks Odor

 Permanent Seal

Won't Leak


White & Opaque


MaskIT Adult Incontinence Disposal Bag
MaskIT Disposal Bags for Bladder Pads & Liners

Even More To Love

Discreet in the Wastebin

Made with Potato Based Biofilm 

Made in the United States 

The MaskIT Difference

At the core of who we are is the desire to do good, be good and spread good to people, communities, and the environment; Our company was founded on these values and they still guide us today. It is through conscious intention that we offer the cleanest disposal method available for bladder pad and liners, in the cleanest way possible. Our commitment to excellence makes MaskIT disposal bags for bladder pads and liners the premier choice for those who want the best.

We love our planet and do everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint. MaskIT pouches are made with plant-based biofilm, derived from the starches of plants and vegetables (mostly potatoes). MaskIT pouches DO NOT contain any polyethylene or plastic materials whatsoever. In fact, our biofilm can be consumed by microorganisms that naturally occur in our soils. Our packaging is made with 100% post consumer paper and is even printed with soy-based ink in a facility that operates on 100% renewable energy.

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