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The Best Method For Menstrual Hygiene Disposal

Best Practice for Feminine Hygiene Disposal

The MaskIT Disposal System

Reduces Exposure Risks

Reduces Plumbing Problems

Reduces Toilet Paper Consumption


A Closer Look

MaskIT Addresses Exposure Risks to Bloodborne Pathogens

In medical settings across the nation, bloodborne pathogens and Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIMs) are taken very seriously. While there has been significant innovation in the sanitation of public restrooms, one area has been swept under the proverbial rug; safety instruments for the disposal of menstrual items, and the menstrual receptacles that contain them. Hepatitis B (HBV), Hepatitis C (HCV), and MRSA (among several OPIMs) can all be transmitted through exposure to menstrual blood, the same as any other kind of blood. So, why is there such a double standard with regards to the handling of menstrual blood?

Implementing MaskIT Can Reduce Plumbing Problems

Flushed menstrual items will inevitably lead to plumbing problems in any facility. If your facility has older plumbing or happens to be on a septic system, these problems can become even more complicated and very costly. MaskIT can help prevent plumbing problems in your facility by addressing the most common reasons menstrual items are flushed; messy or overfilled receptacles and a general lack of a sanitary option for their disposal.

The MaskIT solution is effective because it is intentional. All menstrual waste is sealed within the MaskIT pouch before it is ever placed into a receptacle, which prevents visible contamination on receptacles. MaskIT is significantly more compact than multiple layers of toilet paper and as a result, receptacles do not fill nearly as quickly. When clean receptacles are provided, they are more likely to be used. 
Providing MaskIT, a sanitary option for the removal and disposal of menstrual items has proven to reduce flushing behavior. 


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User Reviews:

Google Campus Pittsburgh PA

"Our team is all female and they are very excited, our janitorial supervisor said that they think it's improved cleanliness... Amazing product, so innovative!"

  TCU Housing

"Wish we would have had this sooner! Has helped out with the plumbing issues. Girls really like the product..." 

University of South Carolina - MaskIT Disposal System - Menstrual Hygiene Disposal - Feminine Hygiene Disposal

"So far the MaskIT product has reduced the amount of BBP issues in our restrooms and reduced toilet paper usage. Both wins!"

University of California Office of the President

" Truly an excellent product that deals with hygiene and saves facilities costs! Should have been in the market a long time ago!! "


How To Use MaskIT - Menstrual Hygiene Disposal - Feminine Hygiene Disposal - US Patent 10,022,281


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