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The MaskIT Disposable Face Mask

The MaskIT Disposable Mask for COVID-19

The MaskIT Disposable Mask was created out of necessity as all medical-grade PPE's are being allocated to hospitals and other medical facilities in response to COVID-19. This leaves millions of people, including essential workers, in need of mask-like protection for personal daily use. 

Superior Comfort

Our disposable mask offers a unique adhesive application, providing flexibility and comfort for the wearer. The face mask contours along the bridge of the nose and cheeks out to the ears for a custom-fit feel, covering the nose and mouth.

One Time Use - One Size Fits All

MaskIT Disposable Mask: Comfortable, Lightweight, Plant-Based, Universal.
MaskIT Disposable Mask - Top Adhesive Only

Top Adhesive Only

Unique Advantages:

  •  Eliminates Sore Ears

  •  Eliminates Pressure Sores

  •  Our Biofilm Contains No Known Allergens

  •  More Effective Barrier Than Fabric

  •  No Muffled Voice

  •  Prevents Glasses From Fogging Up

  • Can Be Worn Multiple Ways

About Our Plant-Based Biofilm

Our biofilm was designed to be an effective moisture barrier because the original purpose of our biofilm was to contain blood as well as bloodborne pathogens. Our plant-based masks are *sustainable, allergen-free and non-toxic.*Plant-based materials (i.e. potatoes) are renewable and may be regrown repeatedly. 

About Our Adhesive Application

The adhesive for securing the mask is non-toxic, much like the adhesive found on most bandages and it behaves in a similar manner. For example, if you put the mask on, and then immediately take it off, it will be more uncomfortable to remove (may slightly pull on the skin), than if you wear it for a few hours.

We recommend wearing the mask a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 8 hours.

MaskIT Mask - Male
MaskIT Mask - Woman
MaskIT Mask on kids face


Disposable face mask, one-time use only. Not intended, implied or expressly, to replace medical-grade masks such as N95 respirators or surgical masks, as such, the wearer does so completely at their own discretion and risk. The adhesive may cause slight irritation or an allergic reaction with prolonged skin contact. Non-toxic.

To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep masks away from babies and young children.