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Is There A Touch-Free Way To Remove & Discard My Tampon?

Yes, there is! It’s called MaskIT. MaskIT Disposal Bags for Tampons and Pads patented design offers touch-free removal of your menstrual item! The inventor of MaskIT, Shallan Ramsey, always hated getting blood under her fingernails when removing her tampon. It wasn’t until she had three daughters of her own that she decided to take it upon herself to create a better way to remove and discard tampons and pads. She thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could put something on my hand before I remove my tampon; then, I could just invert the bag and seal it shut. The bag would be much more compact than a toilet paper wrap, control odor, and it would be opaque so it would blend right in with the other trash in the waste bin. Over the course of a few years and many sleepless nights, MaskIT was finally brought to life. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, I wish there was a touch-free way to remove my tampon, why not try MaskIT?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank You

" I'm a nanny and always felt uncomfortable throwing my things away in someone else's home and especially in a kids bathroom so thank you for making a product that is discreet and sanitary!"




" When I first bought these I was a little skeptical but thought I'd give them a try. They turned out to be much more than I expected! I love that these are so easy to use. They seal up and completely block odor so my husband and sons don't see it or smell it anymore when it's in the trash! Also, being earth friendly is important to me, so I love that they aren't made of plastic! I keep these on me everywhere I go!! Highly recommend these!! "



You Will NEVER use anything else!

" They are so nice and clean because they cover your hand! Ingenious!! I looked at other similar products but after using this one I don't even want to try one that doesn't do that. "



Awesome product!

" Best product ever. I was very discouraged when we moved into a house with a septic tank. But my wonderful husband found these. These have made my life so much simpler. Not to mention the thank you note they send after purchasing. I am a lifelong customer! "




" These little bags are ingenious!! We have a septic system and can't discard anything in the toilet except for paper. These little bags are mess-free, compact, and discreet. I tried the competition where the loops fit on your thumb and forefinger and I loved them until I got these... "



Best for being discreet plus awesome odor control!

" ...They are the best. They are very easy to use, no mess and you couldn't tell or smell anything. No one could tell it was that time of the month. I'll definitely be using these again. Best part, it comes with a lot so it should last a while."



I love the MaskIT products!

" ...This product makes it so much easier. I love it so much I even bought some on Amazon and gave them to my friend's daughter to try. Every woman needs to try these products. You will never be without them again!"




" ...Clean and easy to use and definitely better than the wrap-it-in-toilet-paper method."



Best Invention Since Sliced Bread

" ...I have absolutely no idea what I would do without MaskIT, and cannot believe I ever went on without it in the past this product helps me harness control over cleanliness, all the while maintaining environmental awareness. I always have MaskIT with me wherever I go, and strongly recommend it to anyone with a period! I am seriously so grateful for this product!"




" MaskIT gave all of us our sanity back. Mom and 3 high school /college daughters that can not afford a plumbing problem. It has been a source of argument over the years grossing out everybody. MaskIT really is a game-changer. Couldn't live without it now!"



MaskIT Duo Pack 10.23.2018

Key Features 

• Glove-Like Protection

• Touch-Free Removal

• Inverts To Enclose Item

• Permanently Seals Shut

• Blocks Odor

• Opaque and Discreet

• Made With Plant-based Biofilm

• Made In the USA

• Women-Owned Business

The problems associated with discarding our tampons are many, and the solutions are few. What’s a person to do? Between all of the wasted toilet paper, odor, and curious pets, it’s no wonder why we flush them; however, choosing to flush your menstrual items now, means flushing your money down later. Don’t take our word for it, call your local plumber or read some of the snippets below. Why take the risk when MaskIT protects your hand during the changing process, blocks all odor, and is so much more sustainable than toilet paper?

Why You Shouldn’t Flush (Really)

Walk into any women’s restroom, and chances are, you’ll see a sign about how to dispose of feminine hygiene products. You know the one: Please do NOT flush tampons or pads. Or Please throw tampons and pads in the trash provided—not the toilet. Or So help me god, if you flush that tampon, the flooding of this clogged toilet will be worthy of Noah himself.


 Are Tampons Safe For Septic Tanks?

A lot of people seem to ask the question “are tampons safe for septic tanks?”. And my answer is a definite NO.


A Secret That Leads To
Major Plumbing Problems

What I’m about to tell you might surprise you. Are you ready to get personal? You should never flush tampons down the toilet. If you do, it’s likely you’ll end up with major plumbing problems. Most women are under the impression that flushing tampons is perfectly fine and normal. Out of sight, out of mind, right? The information below should convince you otherwise…The nasty truth that few people actually discuss is that, even though it’s out of sight, that seemingly harmless little tampon you just flushed down the drain will not disappear or disintegrate. It’s not really very surprising that consumers are under the impression that this is perfectly fine and normal. I mean, it says right there on the box, that the product is flushable.

Using MaskIT Helps Save Trees

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