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Still not convinced you should try MaskIT? 

Perhaps hearing how awesome MaskIT is from someone else will.

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Written Reviews

“...I think these are great to keep in a gym bag, backpack, purse, office drawer, glove compartment, overnight bag and in each bathroom in the house.” -- Popular Product Review, by Amy


“I wish I had discovered this years ago when my cycle first began. …you can bet your bottom dollar they will be in my “monthly kit” from now on!” -- The Mommy Life, Deborah Turnmire


“I would highly recommend MaskIT. I think it is a genius idea! How did we live without it for all these years?” -- Here We Go Again...Ready?, Heather Baker 


“We have all done it – you know when you use half the roll of toilet paper to wrap and dispose. What a pure waste when you think about it. … THE MASKIT COMPANY HAS THE PERFECT SOLUTION” -- Nanna's Deals and More, Tia

Media Coverage


MaskIT's Founder and CEO, Shallan Ramsey Makes Axial's Growth 100 List for Innovation and Brand Building

"Shallan Ramsey of MaskIT LLC, a woman owned, Ashland, Oregon based company, has been named to Axial's Growth 100, a list of the best and brightest middle market CEOs across industry. The recognition came in time to celebrate the second annual Middle Market Monday, a day that recognizes the accomplishments of CEOs and owners of U.S. middle market businesses." 


Gila Stern, Communications Director for Modern Living with kathy ireland®, is thrilled to feature MaskIT

"MaskIT has created a product that is not only necessary but has never been created before. Their innovative, revolutionary solution is changing the name of the game in feminine hygiene. We couldn't be more proud to have MaskIT on our show."

 Celebrity Reviews 

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