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The versatility of the MaskIT pouch makes it a smart purchase. The features of MaskIT are a must have on the trail. MaskIT is compact, lightweight, and blocks odor on a molecular level (Not Scented). In the past, people have had to use sealable plastic bags, duct tape, and sometimes an aspirin to control odor, but not anymore. MaskIT does everything the plastic bag and duct tape combo does with the added benefit of being much more sustainable than a plastic bag. 

MaskIT’s features and benefits on the trail enticed Heather Anderson to try MaskIT on her journeys.

For those unfamiliar with Heather Anderson, she is a world class athlete that’s best known for simultaneously holding the record for the fastest self-sustained completion of the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail. Here is what she had to say about her experience with MaskIT.

“It provides a simple way to adhere to LNT (leave no trace) principles when packing out your used feminine hygiene items.”

“The MaskIT pouches are indeed easy to use, don't leak, are odor proof, and opaque. They come in different sizes, one for tampons and one for pads. They are easy to use and help make changing out products much more sanitary.”

"I am beyond stoked to use them backpacking for the following reasons..."


MaskIT is a more sustainable option than the conventional methods of packing out hygiene items.  


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