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Puberty Education

“Our goal is to build confidence and empower young girls and women. Solving this problem in a responsible manner is just who we are.”  Shallan Ramsey, CEO | Founder

MaskIT offers Free Puberty Education Kits to Schools.

"Growing up can be hard. As young girls, we are taught about the changes happening to our bodies. We are taught about how to use a tampon or a pad. However, what to do with them afterward is often unaddressed. Instinctively, toilet paper became the burial method for most of us. MaskIT is a practical solution for the part of the process that has been overlooked for way too long. My hope is to make things a little easier for girls today than it was for me.”
Shallan Ramsey, CEO | Founder

MaskIT Offers Free Student Sample Kits

Kits Include: 

Small MaskIT Pouch
(intended for use with tampons)
Large MaskIT Pouch
(intended for use with pads, etc.)
Informational & Instructional Card
Brochure from Be Prepared Period
Coupon for an Organic Period 2-Go Kit 
from Be Prepared Period. 

***An educational video for students will be provided to each teacher by MaskIT***

Click Here To Request Student Sample Kits For Your Puberty Education Program Today! 



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