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Our Commitment To Sustainability

Sustainability From The Start

MaskIT Adult Incontinence Disposal Bag

A main pillar of our identity has always been sustainability, starting with the MaskIT tampon and pad disposal bags themselves. MaskIT disposal bags are made with plant-based biofilm which contains absolutely no polyethylene or plastic whatsoever. In fact, MaskIT disposal bags can be consumed by microorganisms that naturally live in our soils. 

The plant-based biofilm we use for MaskIT is made with potatoes which have an 80-day growth cycle making MaskIT a much more sustainable alternative to the toilet paper wrap. 

MaskIT is Made With Plant Based Biofilm Compressed

Sustainable Packaging

We make sure our packaging is as sustainable as our product. All of our packaging is made with 100% post-consumer paper, printed with soy-based ink and water-based aqueous coatings. The facility that makes our packaging runs on 100% wind-generated renewable energy and is FSC certified. 

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MaskIT Duo Pack 10.23.2018

Using MaskIT Helps Save Trees!

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When You Purchase MaskIT, We Plant Trees.

To further our commitment to sustainability, we are partnered with OneTreePlanted, a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation. When you purchase MaskIT on our website we pledge to plant a tree. 

Sustainability has always been a guiding principle for us and with the help of OneTreePlanted, and your support, we can take our sustainability efforts even further. When you choose to purchase our products you're doing so much more than purchasing the best disposal bags on the planet.

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